Condo Watch

Blue Shield Home Watch offers inspection programs that are customized to your situation. Various services are offered to ensure the security and maintenance of a residential property while you are away. These services may include checking for signs of forced entry or security breaches, inspecting the property's exterior for damage or issues caused by weather, pests, or other factors, ensuring proper functioning utilities and systems (like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical), collecting mail and packages, maintaining the appearance of the property (Lawn care and cleaning). Also, addressing any other specific concerns outlined by you the homeowner. The goal is to provide peace of mind to you by safeguarding your property and promptly addressing any issues that may arise during your absence. 

Your Home Watch service will be performed on a pre-determined schedule. We offer inspection plans on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, based upon your needs. We can also accommodate customized schedules. Our inspector will send you a report upon completion of their inspection. We use the latest technology and Home Watch software in order to pass along pertinent information to you directly from your home. Our software operates on an encrypted network, and passwords are changed on a regular basis, thus protecting your personal information. Blue Shiled Home Watch's two guiding principles are trust and communication.

Standard Condo Watch Inspection